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Zoho Marketplace Monthly Issue#20 - Feb 2019

We’re one month into the year and there’s a lot of hacks to be learned and extensions to be explored. Here are four of our picks from the Marketplace apps that are sure to increase your productivity with Zoho!

With more extensions come more productivity!
OneNote Billplz Extension for Zoho CRM
Make invoicing easy in your CRM by sending payment links embeddedinside the template. Successful payments are updated within Zoho CRM, including both Billplz admin and customer received receipts.
Amazon-seller Amazon Seller Central Extension
The Amazon extension lets you add your Amazon customers as contacts, their purchases as sales orders, and the items you're selling as products in your Zoho CRM account making it a lot easier to operate your online store.
Gmail integration Edison for Zoho CRM
Capture data such as contacts, purchases, and events from emails sent to your Gmail account and transfer it to Zoho CRM.
Checklist D7-SMS for Zoho CRM
With a 98% open rate, SMS is the most effective form of communication. Check out this extension to leverage SMS marketing to the fullest.
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