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Zoho Times

Edition 9,

March 2022

Build the solutions your business needs with Zoho Creator 6.0

Zoho Creator

Top Story

Zoho Social

Zoho Social

We are happy to announce that Pinterest is now on Zoho Social.

Zoho Bigin

Zoho Bigin

Bigin's Premier Edition is now available, encompassing multi-currency, advanced workflows, and more!

Keep up with what's new at Zoho with this digital digest.


Zoho Marketplace

Zoho Marketplace released 60 new extensions from October-December 2021, including 32 extensions for Zoho CRM and 10 new telephony extensions.

Customer Story

Double quote

In effect we were already using Zoho One, but with about forty other tech companies. They were giving us similar services, but you wouldn't get just one invoice. Zoho One is a much cheaper price point and I really like the way Zoho user pricing works. It's transparent and easy.

Daniel Gee

CEO and Co-owner, Pello Capital

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Product Updates

Zoho Bookings

Customise how clients book your 1-on-1 services with Bookings. Improve scheduling with new service-level settings. Learn more.

Zoho Calendar

Have you switched to the latest version of Zoho Calendar?

Refine and equip your calendar for a more seamless experience.

Zoho TeamInbox

Personal Inbox iinside your shared workspace provides new features and extensions to help you get more out of Zoho TeamInbox.

Zoho Subscriptions

Try our new features and usability improvements. Subscriptions now provides a shared user experience with apps from the Zoho Finance suite. Learn more.

Resource Corner

Zoho Vault

Go passwordless in 2022 with Zoho Vault

Tune into our latest webinar on how to adopt and implement passwordless authentication for your business with Zoho Vault.

Zoho Analytics

Most Used Data Sources in Zoho Analytics – 2021

We have compiled a list of the top data sources used by our customers in 2021 in three major categories: Business Application Connectors, Direct Sources, and Blended Sources.

Blog Zoho CRM Plus

5 customer experience trends to watch in 2022.

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Blog Zoho Recruit

10 recruitment trends to consider in the era of hybrid work.

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Zoho Academy

Marketing Research

A Comprehensive Guide to Market Research:

Avoid making costly market research mistakes. Learn the data-driven approach to creating a marketing and messaging strategy that resonates with your ideal customers.

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Zoho in the Spotlight

ZSL Zoho Desk
ZSL Zoho Recruit

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