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Foster a successful work outcome with employee experience in mind


As businesses use technology when reskilling and upskilling talent, informal training is just as important as formal training when it comes to learning on the job. This highlights the importance of usability in business software, as a better user experience often results in shorter learning curves and reaching desired business outcomes more quickly.

In most organizations, IT teams are responsible for this type of employee user experience. That process can now be simplified with Zoho Catalyst, a serverless, developer-friendly platform for building and scaling customized solutions that personalizes work experience. Additionally, Zoho's vast ecosystem minimizes personalization barriers when businesses connect with their customers.

To help organizations stay ahead of their employees' tech expectations, other Zoho enhancements now allow staff to clock their working hours remotely, or even on-premise with Zoho People's improved facial recognition technology, enabled by Kiosk. For collaboration, you can start retrieving and storing files from external parties into custom Workdrive folders, ensuring a more secured way of depositing documents. More updates below.


Before we begin, a small reminder that it's Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We at Zoho are working hard to ensure the safety of your data through checks on all fronts. This month, there will be some useful resources to help you practice cyber safety.

Zoho CyberSecurity

Redesigning the mobile work experience

Say hello to our iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates!

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are officially here, and we're all geared up with exciting upgrades to our products and features to help you stay on top of your work, even when on the go.

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Some highlights of the updates include:

  • Smarter widgets for Zoho Bigins
  • Easier print options for Zoho Sign
  • Get live text for Doc Scanner
  • Make quick notes in Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice
  • Intelligent notebook suggestions for Zoho Notebook
  • Focus modes for Zoho Expense

There's a lot more that we've worked on for our iPhone and iPad users. Check out everything new here!

A simplified serverless platform for developers: Introducing Catalyst!

We’ve made it easier than ever for developers to create and deploy innovative microservices, mobile apps (both iOS and Android!), serverless product extensions, and bespoke applications quickly with zero server management.

How? With the all-new Catalyst by Zoho. Our serverless application platform lets you leverage our deep expertise in cloud infrastructure and technology capabilities, which powers our 50+ products and serves 70+ million users.

Catalyst by Zoho

Simplified pricing, effortless database provisioning, a unified console, and free sandboxing. These are the features that make Catalyst the easiest and fastest platform for building and deploying serverless apps that auto-scale on low-cost and next-gen cloud infrastructure.

Learn all about Catalyst by Zoho here


What's new

Zoho Workdrive

WorkDrive has released an all-new feature to collect files securely, from both internal and external users. You can now choose a custom folder to collect and store files, set deadlines for submissions, and set upload limits for file size and count. Watch the video here.

Zoho Campaigns

To improve the overall delivery of email campaigns, Zoho Campaigns has updated three of its major features: Topic, Contacts, and List Management. These updates help in sending targeted emails, as assigning topics will be mandatory for creating any email campaigns. Subscribers, on the other hand, can choose the personalized content they'd like to receive via the Manage Preferences settings.

Zoho People

In addition to the already-available facial recognition function for managing remote attendance, Zoho People now has improved facial recognition technology, enabled by Kiosk, to remind employees about clocking their hours. Employees working from your office can mark their attendance on-premises, regardless of whether they have access to Zoho People or not. This also helps avoid unauthorized entrances and identity theft. Learn more.

Zoho Sheet

We've recently merged data cleaning and data quality suggestions inside Zia for Zoho Sheet, bringing all of our AI functionalities into one central place. Refine by Zia helps users eliminate data inconsistencies, duplicate entries, missing values, and more.


Annual user conference

At Zoho, user experience also means helping our customers become product experts and showing how to use them to reach a new pinnacle of their digital transformation journey. Earlier this month, we had our first virtual Zoholics in APAC and discussed a bunch of product tips and feature updates. Watch the recordings here.

Zoholics APAC


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Industry recognition

Over to you...

That's all for now. We've covered a bunch of new updates in this edition of Zoho APAC newsletter, and our teams continue to work on all sorts of improvements that we can’t wait to see you put to use.

Just hit reply and write to us if you have any feedback for us, or anything else you'd like to share. We look forward to hearing from you!

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