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From digital hiring to training, events, and more, work is becoming increasingly remote and data-driven. The future of work will largely revolve around people and data, and it is important that data fed into the analytics process is well-augmented for decision-making. To start inculcating a more data-driven culture, companies will need to pay attention to BI trends to watch for this year.

For business-generating functions like marketing, today's marketers can swiftly acquire the right web analytics to help. This can inform if marketing efforts are driving quality tractions and leads to the site, allowing teams to constantly refine their approach and be smarter with their marketing spend.

That said, if you have been busy hopping between online events and would like to host one yourself, you have newer reasons to do so by looking at what Zoho Backstage OnAir can do for you.


What's new

Zoho DataPrep

We've launched the public beta for Zoho DataPrep—advanced self-service data preparation software that helps connect, cleanse, transform, and enrich your data for downstream analytics and warehousing. Watch this video to get an overview, or contact to set up a personalised demo.

Zoho Cliq

The improved navigation sidebar in Zoho Cliq offers a more unified view that includes navigating your org directory, streamlining project pipelines, and launching important conversations based on pending files that are recently shared by team members. This streamlined access view lets you work more smoothly.

Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet's apps for iOS and iPadOS have received major updates, including the introduction of a predefined template gallery, integrations with Dropbox and Box, and a completely revamped UI for the iOS app.

Zoho Vault

Different passwords protect different sets of data. Instead of memorising them all, Zoho Vault's browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox work a lot faster now and offer enhanced password autofill, making password management easier.

Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage helps manage online events much more easily with a handful of recent updates, including an integration with Zoom and enhanced session management. Backstage OnAir – the virtual events module — also received a makeover, and you can now collaborate and run video conferences with multiple people.

Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense introduced web analytics, a set of data-rich features that provide a unified picture of all the key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to measure your marketing activities and your website’s effectiveness.

Zoho Show

The Zoho Show iOS app received a redesign to give you the ultimate presentation creation experience. This update includes a new UI, a review tab for collaboration, and more. Zoho Show now also integrates with Zoho Sprints, allowing you to gather project insights through visually compelling reports.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Recruit received a few integrations recently. With the HackerRank integration, recruiters and hiring managers can invite candidates to take assessment tests and review them directly from Zoho Recruit. Apply with SEEK delivers an improved candidate experience by prefilling parts of a candidate's application on a form hosted by Zoho Recruit, as well as attaching their stored CV. Finally, the integration with SkillSurvey helps you optimise your reference check process to suit your modern hiring strategy.

Over to you...

At Zoho, we make sure to equip our employees with the right tools to work in a clutter free environment by keeping business data structured. In parallel, much of the growth we're also currently focusing on as a company is on individuals and their local communities.

What kind of growth are you focusing on? Is your business using this time to try anything new?

Hit reply and let me know your thoughts.

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