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How to future-proof your email marketing strategy

Privacy is something that marketers should pay more attention to in order to understand the seismic shift around data protection regulations. With consumers becoming increasingly educated about the collection and protection of their personal data, organizations are now feeling the impact of this legal and cultural shift toward data privacy.

This month we will discuss the latest developments on email privacy and also practices that will help you with deliverability.


How recent updates will impact data and deliverability


Katie Skinner, Apple’s Manager of User Privacy Software, recently made an important announcement at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) regarding email privacy. In the upcoming iOS15 update, users can decide how much personal information is shared with email senders.

Once implemented, a user's IP address will be restricted and their location will not be determined. This will impact the open rate of the campaigns report.

We talked to experts from Zoho to help email marketers understand this change and its implications.


Email automation strategies that help


Any marketing strategy is successful only when the message reaches the right audience at the right time. This means sending exclusive content to every member of your audience, many of whom are likely be in different stages of the sales or marketing cycle.

Here, use of email automation becomes important to send personalized emails,fast-tracking their marketing needs and, therefore, improving sales.

If you’re yet to implement email marketing automation strategies, this blog will help you.


Aspects that make a good email template


Another facet that affects the performance of an email campaign is engagement with subscribers. In the quest to fetch maximum engagement, investing your time and effort into designing the perfect template is crucial. We understand that not everyone is an email design expert, so we are here to help. We discuss five things to look out for if you are working on or choosing an email template.