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Holiday marketing planning and product updates

September was a busy month for us at Zoho Campaigns as the team prepared our fresh set of product updates, which are now live. You can read all about them here.

Apart from this, we were busy doing our holiday email marketing research, which includes interacting with experts about email trends this festive season. In this newsletter, we'll discuss what we've learned to help you boost your sales this year.


Holiday email planning for 2021


In our recent 'Ask the Expert' session, we spoke to Nikki Elbaz, a well-known email strategist and the former Head of Email at Copyhackers. She currently owns an eponymous company. She spoke to us in detail about tips and strategies that will help email marketers plan and run their holiday email campaigns for 2021.


Useful pre-holiday tips


The holiday buzz usually begins around October as people begin to gauge gifting options. You too can start your preparations early by testing a sample mailing list filled with a mix of loyal customers, one-time users, and leads. To glean actionable insights, here are a few pre-holiday tests that you can run immediately.


Latest feature updates


We're happy to announce the latest updates to some of Zoho Campaign's key features: Topic Management, Contact Management, and List Management. Designed to achieve targeted communication, these updates allow subscribers to choose what topics they're interested in, including newsletters, product updates, marketing materials, and more. In our latest blog, we discuss different scenarios in which the Topic Management feature can be used to its full potential.