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2021 email marketing trends to look out for

As we slowly inch away from the shadows of 2020, email marketers have a lot to learn and unlearn to keep up with the rapid transformation associated with this space. In this first newsletter for 2021, we discuss trends to look out for this year. Be it maximizing your drip marketing efforts or utilizing the various facets of email automation, we have our experts help you plan your email marketing calendar for 2021.


Post-holiday drip email campaigns


Wondering where to begin after the holiday season? If you run an ecommerce business, our recent blog on post-holiday drip email campaigns looks at some highly personalized types of drip emails you can create if you have some data about your visitors and subscribers. These emails will be a great way to boost sales during the post-holiday season.


Email design trends that are here to stay


We recently conducted a poll on LinkedIn to see the kind of designs email marketers would prefer this year. Minimalistic emails won over dark mode and bold and bright designs. In another poll that we conducted on Twitterasking people to choose between HTML emails and plain-text emails, around 78% chose HTML designs. This shows that 2021 will witness a mixed bunch of design trends. Here are some tips to help you design your future email campaigns.


Email deliverability best practices for B2B email marketing


Inbox placement or email deliverabilty will continue to be an important point of conversation for all email marketers, both B2C and B2B. While these facets have similarities, they are also a bit different. You might wonder what methods you can follow to ensure maximum email deliverability while practicing B2B email marketing. Well, our expert is here to guide you. In this video, Lori Blair, who works with Validity, Inc. as a solutions consultant, talks about email deliverability best practices for B2B email marketing.