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How to design responsive email campaigns

We are delighted to announce that Zoho Campaigns has recently been recognized by PCMag as one of the best email marketing software for 2021.

Feats like this encourage us to work harder to provide the best email marketing services to our customers. For years, marketers have trusted us with their email marketing strategies, and we promise to make this relationship even stronger.

To make email marketing accessible to everyone, we consistently work on informative and educational content for all our platforms, including social media pages and our monthly newsletter.

This month, we will share ideas, tips, and tricks to help you improve your email design game. Many marketers believe that design is the backbone of any email marketing campaign as it impacts the deliverability and effectiveness of an email. This is why businesses must spend substantial time trying and testing their email design strategies.


Expert opinion on email designs


Our team recently had a long conversation with Paul Airy, an email design expert with over 10 years of experience, on various aspects of email design. Paul is adept in HTML typography and has also authored A Type of Email: A book to help you work with HTML typography in email . He answers some crucial questions about email templates and the approach one should take while designing each element within an email.


Designing ecommerce emails


If you run an ecommerce business, surely you're aware that product imagery can be a game changer. You must be uploading eye-catching images to your website and your other marketing collateral, including your email campaigns. However, the process can be confusing sometimes.

This simple, yet effective tip will help you directly pull in your store's images from within the email template editor.


Call for the best action


Communication is a two-way street where we don't just talk but also listen to the voice of our subscribers. It can be done by creating engaging and personalized email campaigns. One of the key features to the success of such engaging email campaigns is a carefully crafted call to action (CTA) button, as that is what makes people act upon the email.