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What can you do from your email besides communication?
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5 other things you can do from your email
New and noteworthy apps
Zoho CRM
Telephony Telephony
Make calls in a click, view incoming call information in pop-up notifications, and get complete call history, all from Zoho CRM.
SpreadsheetWeb SpreadsheetWeb
Build sales quotes, product configurations, and ROI calculation tools in Excel and embed them into Zoho CRM.
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Adyen Adyen Payment Gateway
Create and send payment links to customers via email to easily collect payments.
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WooCommerce WooCommerce
Sync your WooCommerce store data with Zoho CRM to gain insights that can help target customers better.
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Route Mobile SMS Route Mobile SMS
Instantly send SMSs using customizable templates, or send scheduled messages to connect with customers at the right time.
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Zoho Desk
Import data Import data
Automate the importing of data from CSV or other help desk systems in Zoho Desk to reduce downtime and prevent data loss.
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Shopify Shopify
Keep track of your customers and their Shopify order information from support tickets.
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Check Printing Check Printing for Zoho Books
Import checks from multiple companies and seamlessly make payments using this online check writer. Transfer checks to your payees via email, or mail them as printed checks for less than $1 each. You can also direct deposit (ACH) checks to the payee's bank account for free.
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MeetingACT Custom app: MeetingACT
Execute meetings like a pro, engage with attendees, take notes, and get meeting analytics.
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App spotlight
SMS-Magic SMS-Magic for Zoho CRM
Attract and engage more business with SMS messaging. Learn more
JustCall JustCall Phone System for Zoho CRM
Make and receive phone calls directly from your CRM dashboard in just a click. Learn more
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