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Time to unwrap!

With a new year comes a handful of new updates for you and your team. We're also unveiling an amazing new product to make your work easier! Looking for a deep dive? Read on for our hand-picked highlights below.

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One unified experience. Many possibilities.

Zoho One is here, with an all-new unified UI (UUI) focused on empowering businesses by bringing disjointed data together and providing a truly unified experience for your business operations. Rediscover consistency and productivity with the new Zoho One experience, which includes customizable dashboards, enhanced services and features, and much more. We've also added five new apps to the Zoho One ecosystem:

  • Zoho Commerce: Empower online stores to enhance your online retail ecosystem.
  • TeamInbox: Facilitate better team collaboration and efficient email management.
  • Zoho Lens: Improve collaboration in remote-work environments using AR.
  • Zoho Learn: Harness this learning and training platform to nurture better employee growth.
  • Zoho DataPrep: Utilize this powerful self-service AI-powered data preparation and management tool.

Taking it a step further, it also streamlines navigation via a unified panel, which lists all your favorite apps. And the best part? The new Zoho One UI is available for all our Zoho One users!

Introducing Zoho Cliq 3.0

With the latest additions to audio and video meetings, chats, and integrations, Zoho Cliq is transitioning from a remote-work-friendly tool to an efficient platform that can enable hybrid-work collaborations.


Revamped meetings can accommodate up to 1,000 active participants and comes with additional features, like a real-time whiteboard, meeting recording, GIFs, and a lot more. You can also instantly record and send video messages, organize pinned chats, and collaborate effortlessly with Zoho Projects, Zoho Notebook, and Zoho Calendar integrations. Take a look at the video to get more details.

Deliver exceptional learning experiences

We recently introduced our all-in-one knowledge management and training platform for businesses—Zoho Learn. It's packed with features to help you create content effortlessly, collaborate via our easy-to-use course builder, harness built-in assessment and reporting tools, and a lot more. You can now organize your company’s knowledge, build and manage training programs, and measure the results of your training course—all from a single platform. Take a look at our blog and pricing for more details.


A simplified serverless platform is here

We’ve made it easier than ever to create innovative microservices, mobile apps (both iOS and Android!), serverless product extensions, and bespoke applications quickly with zero server management.

How? With the all-new Catalyst by Zoho, our serverless application platform! Catalyst lets you leverage our deep expertise in cloud infrastructure and technology capabilities, which powers our 50+ products and serves 70+ million users.


Simplified pricing, effortless database provisioning, a unified console, and free sandboxing makes Catalyst the easiest platform to quickly build and deploy serverless apps that auto-scale on low-cost and next-gen cloud infrastructure. Learn all about Catalyst by Zoho here.


Five Ways CRM Helps Marketing Perform

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By: Kira Tchernikovsy | Co-founder and CMO of Customerization - a Toronto-based Zoho Authorized Partner |

Sridhar Vembu

Acquisition and retention

Marketing teams can be generating tons of leads and spending $$ via a multitude of marketing automation tools... but never know which of those leads result in a sale.

A well-designed CRM system breaks organizational silos by ensuring continuity between lead generation and sales processes, customer onboarding, and retention.

Forms and feedback

Marketing always creates forms for the customers to fill out and share their feedback or contact details.

Integrate your forms with CRM, and effortlessly track and analyze feedback, plus make data accessible to relevant employees.

Product marketing

80% of your future revenue will come from 20% of your current customers*.

Integration of product penetration and revenue data into CRM enables teams to work together to set segments for cross- and up-sale activities and relevant promotions.


Lead scoring

Lead scoring helps marketing and sales align what prospects to focus on. To build a sustainable lead scoring model, both marketing and sales need to be aligned on the end goal. CRM then becomes a handy tool to operationalize this alignment and automate the handover process.

Consent and contact preferences management

Marketing communications must comply with CASL, GDPR, and other local regulations. Moreover, every customer's communications preference must be captured.

The unified CRM system is the best place to keep all data in sync and boost your customer experience while protecting you from spam complaints.

Although launching or redesigning the CRM system is not an easy task, the value it brings is RELATIONSHIP, the most stable currency in the post-pandemic world.

Read the full article here!

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What's new

7 years of Zoho CRM Plus

Launching in 2014, Zoho CRM Plus has come a long way, with its vision of unifying sales, marketing, and customer services. Each component is a best-of-breed solution on its own, and these powerful parts come together into a robust, unified tool that allows us to give you the perfect breadth and depth of features to create exceptional customer experiences. Take a look at the journey so far and the road ahead!

"Our belief in customer experience and the unification of marketing, sales, and service is only getting stronger. We truly believe that the future is in unifying these three elements."

Sridhar Vembu, CEO, Zoho Corporation

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory can now integrate with Amazon FBA to manage your inbound shipments from vendors to multiple FBA fulfilment centers across the country, and track stock updates, as well. Learn more about this functionality here.

You can also now enhance the inventory capabilities of your Quickbooks online accounting platform in Canada, with our Zoho Inventory integration

Zoho People

To keep employees from forgetting to clock their hours, Zoho People now has facial recognition technology enabled by Kiosk. This feature allows employees working from your office to mark their attendance on-premises, regardless of whether they have access to Zoho People or not. This also helps avoid unauthorized entrances and buddy punching. Learn more

Zoho Voice

Zoho Voice just launched ZDialer—a browser extension to make your calling experience as pain-free as possible. Easily dial a number from Zoho One, Zoho CRM, or any webpage using a click-to-call button. Receive calls via call pop-ups, and make calls to unsaved numbers from a dial pad widget. Install the extensions for Chrome and Firefox to get started.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign released a slew of new features that support a higher degree of legal compliance in different regions. These features include trusted document timestamping, qualified electronic signatures (QES) for the EU, and more. See all the details, plus how Zoho Sign goes beyond standard e-signature requirements.

Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense has added its Autoscan feature for all organizations under its Free and Standard plans. Autoscan allows up to 20 scans per organization per month for Free plan users, and Standard plan users can enjoy 20 scans per user in the organization per month.

Zoho Campaigns

Whether it's handling your segments at an organizational level, introducing a few changes in workflows, or launching multi-portals, Zoho Campaigns has made email marketing easier for everyone. Read all about it

Zoho Meeting

We've refined and improved our meeting UI for better collaboration and productivity. The new UI is now distraction-free, with reduced clutter, and helps you focus on the discussion at hand. We've also scaled up our webinar platform to meet your growing needs. You can even host webinars for up to 3,000 attendees using Zoho Meeting. View all our updates


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Industry recognition

  • Zoho Creator was positioned as a Technology Leader in the SPARK Matrix: Low-Code Application Development Platform, 2021 by Quadrant Solutions.
  • Zoho Sign has been named a 2021 Gold Medalist at the Electronic Signature Software Awards. It was ranked strongly for its ease of IT administration and for being user-friendly.
  • Zoho Analytics ranked Outstanding in Innovation in the 2021 MARKET COMPASS Report on Next- eGeneration BI Platforms by KuppingerCole
  • Zoho Sign has been named a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide #eSignature Software 2021!
  • Zoho Vault earned the prestigious Editors’ Choice award from PC Magazine
  • Zoho Sign has been named a Champion in the 2021 Software Reviews Electronic Signature Emotional Footprint

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