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Decoding the basics of email marketing

If there was a list of the most common questions people ask about email marketing, the following would definitely be a part of it:   

  • Which day of the week should I send my email campaigns? 
  • What time of the day should I send the emails?
  • Why is "sender name" so important? 
  • What email marketing features should I focus on? 

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What's in a name?


If only Shakespeare had talked with an email marketer before writing this line for his popular play, he'd have thought differently. For an email marketer, the name is everything. What a brand name is to a product, a sender name is to an email—basically, it decides whether the email will be opened or not. An email sender name can be a conversation starter or a spoiler for the content inside. Find out what we mean in the blog below.


Is there a "perfect" day to send emails ?


Another important email marketing practice is to send emails on days when they are most likely to be opened by the receivers. We all must have, at least once in our email marketing career, Googled, “What’s the best day to send my email?” The answer is most likely to be Tuesday, an answer backed up with different data and analysis. However, does it really work? 

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Email marketing trends to look out for 


While we try to understand the basics, we cannot forget about keeping up with changing trends. Ever wondered about the email marketing features that will change the game this year? We spoke to a few digital marketers, asking them how they are going to best utilize emails in their multichannel marketing plan.