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Improving customer experience with feedback
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Improving customer experience with feedback
Noteworthy apps
Zoho Desk
Twilio SMS Twilio SMS MMS Channel Tickets
View messages sent to your WhatsApp or phone number as Zoho Desk tickets and replies will be delivered as messages to the customer.
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WooCommerce WooCommerce
Keep track of customer orders from support tickets that are automatically created for every WooCommerce order.
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Zoho Projects
Dropbox Dropbox
Access files managed in your Dropbox account and associate them with relevant project tasks, all from Zoho Projects.
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timeBro timeBro
Easily record the time you spend on tasks so that you don’t forget to invoice even a minute of billable time.
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Zoho CRM
Bisnode Bisnode
Keep your business contacts synchronized between both apps. You can also set up a periodic sync of specific contact fields.
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SyncApps SyncApps
Keep track of your email marketing performance with the ability to track open rates of your targeted marketing emails.
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New on Marketplace August 2021
App spotlight
Typeform for Zoho Desk
Turn Typeform entries of customer feedback into Zoho Desk tickets to provide flawless customer experience.
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Microsoft OneDrive for Zoho Projects
Access your OneDrive account directly from Zoho Projects and link documents in OneDrive to tasks in Zoho Projects.
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