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Creating a dynamic repository for everything email

At Zoho Campaigns, we focus on growth — be it helping our customers grow their business or providing them all the materials to grow their knowledge of email marketing. Through our resource materials, we don't just talk about our product—we also discuss best practices and latest trends while trying to offer an overall understanding of the domain through our blogs, "Tip of the week" segment, Expert Diaries, and more.


A new look for our extensive knowledge base


To make it easier for customers to access all the resource materials we've created over the years, we're happy to bring to you a revamped resource page. This will help you create and enhance strategies, no matter where you stand in your email marketing journey. From getting-started guides to best practices and solutions, this reserve has it all.


Craft emails for inactive contacts


An important feature of this resource page is "Tip of the Week." We're currently diving into the nitty-gritty of reaching out to inactive contacts.  

We often wonder about content that needs to be sent to inactive contacts. This is as important as sending emails to your active contacts. However, you never know whether an inactive contact would decide to move out from your list or stay for a longer time. You definitely need to be careful in handling these situations. So, what should you do?


Experts weigh in


Tips regarding email marketing tend to change every year. Our Expert Diaries series helps us understand multiple perspectives about email marketing trends. We recently had a conversation with Kath Pay, CEO and founder of Holistic Email Marketing, about what trends will dominate this year.