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Understanding the essence of email marketing

Email marketing is constantly evolving, and we need to keep up with how this vital marketing platform changes. To help you keep up-to-date, we've put together content that will help you consistently plan perfect email campaigns.


Vital aspects of an email


While planning an email campaign, what should you focus on more—the subject line, content, or design? On the one hand, a great subject line creates instant recognition and clarity, but good content addresses the subscribers’ pain points and establishes trust with them. Meanwhile, unique email design—with compelling images, fonts, colors, and interactive elements—increases the visual brilliance of an email. We recently conducted a webinar to gauge how each of these influenced recipients.


Check our 'Webinar Digest'


If you missed our recent webinars or are looking out for answers to questions on email marketing, Webinar Digest can be a solution. We've been receiving numerous interesting questions—from basic to advanced—based on our recently conducted webinars on email marketing. We've collated all the questions along with the answers in easily read snippets on Instagram.


Upcoming webinars


While on the topic of webinars, join us onTuesday as we e-meet with John Walsh, an expert in the email marketing industry. We'll discuss the nine most common mistakes an email marketer makes and how you can avoid them. After all, successful email marketing is not about what you do, it's about how you do it! Register for this webinar and learn how to alter your email marketing practices. 


Learn from the experts

As we continue to look at how email marketing trends evolve, we turn to Jason Rodriguez, a Community and Product Evangelist at Litmus. A champion of email accessibility and inclusion, Jason spoke in a recent podcast about modern email marketing in terms of refreshing tips for measurable metrics, copywriting, and promoting email newsletters.