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Of emergency, empathy,

and email marketing

Dear Zoho Campaigns community,

We hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself and your family during these tough times. Most of us have never seen anything like this before.

As the global economy suffers, small businesses across the world have taken the lion's share of the brunt, with most of them struggling to make ends-meet. 

We want to help!

Click on the image to listen to the message from Zoho CEO, Sridhar Vembu on the small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Program

ESAP: Assistance for small businesses

Zoho is introducing the Emergency Subscription Assistance Program (ESAP) to help our small business customers weather this global crisis. ESAP makes the Zoho software you currently use free for three months. This is applicable to those who have 25 employees or fewer who have been affected by the coronavirus-related downturn. Also, this is for paying customers of at least one Zoho product for a minimum of one year. Please click the link to know the eligibility, terms and conditions

Tweak your marketing strategy

In times like these, it's important to see the silver lining to help us get through. This could be a perfect chance to focus on your marketing strategies and realign your email marketing campaign goals due to remote working arrangements.

Sensitivity is the key

Your subscribers are likely receiving several emails about the pandemic. The content of your email must be sensitive, for you never know what the receiver on the other end is going through. Here are 11 points to remember before sending the next email to your leads, customers, or employees.

Templates to show you care

COVID 19 templates

Email communication is important in times like this. We have now introduced crisis-based email templates that’ll help brands reach out to their employees and customers to show their care. Pick a template from our gallery, add your personalized elements, and send empathetic messages to your recipients.

Connect with us

People across the world are working from home and so are we. The picture is our team during our remote weekly meeting. Zoho Campaigns as a team is trying our best to help our customers in every way possible. 

You can also reach us on Instagram and we will be happy to help. Follow us to learn about the team as well as email marketing tips, tricks, and trends.