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After an entire year of adaptation and expansion, we're looking toward 2021 with the resolve to continue on our path, serving you as best as we can.

Here’s to a bright New Year from the Zoho family. May this year bring happiness, achievements, and new inspirations to your life.

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In this issue of Zoho Times, we talk about:

Surveillance, privacy, and the role of data in the future

Say hello to Zoho Puvi—our down-to-earth typeface

Work re-imagined with all-new Zoho Workplace

Getting transactional

Surveillance, privacy, and the role of data in the future

At the start of 2019, we announced that we were removing every third-party tracker from our site. We achieved this goal a few months ago, and since then we've made it clear that we're committed to protecting our users' privacy.

Surveillance, privacy

Zoho's Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna, recently talked with industry analyst Patrick Moorhead about the ever-present role of surveillance in tech. When talking about consumer surveillance, Raju said that "at this point, the tracking that takes place is so prevalent that it is almost impossible not to be surveilled. You pretty much have to go offline." Raju believes that businesses need to draw a line between what's legally acceptable and what's morally acceptable.

In this 5-part series, Raju and Patrick cover consumer data, business data, adjunct surveillance, sensory surveillance and the future of data privacy.

80% of Canadian Businesses Don't Inform Website Visitors of Third-Party Tracking

A recent study by CRM Essentials LLC show that only 38% of Canadian businesses have a well-defined, documented policy for customer data privacy. Know more

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Get educated on Zoho products

Introducing Zoho Spark, the long-awaited training and certification platform for Zoho.

The idea that "every flame of knowledge starts with a spark of fire" influenced the name of this platform. With Zoho Spark, we'll help you keep your torch of knowledge kindled forever.

Learn, Explore, Master

Currently, we offer product training for Analytics, Assist, Backstage, Books, Campaigns, Creator, CRM, Desk, Expense, Flow, Invoice, Mail, Orchestly, Payroll, People, Recruit, SalesIQ, ShowTime, and Subscriptions. Spark also includes 45 experienced trainers, 25 one-on-one training courses, and 16 products on virtual classroom training (VCRT). Over time, we'll be adding more products to this list and deepening the topics covered.

Ignite your Spark

Say hello to Zoho Puvi—our down-to-earth typeface

We're excited to share that we now have a font of our own!

On the mission to redefining our visual identity, we created Puvi: a typeface that is functional, scalable, dynamic, and speaks to our company philosophy. We strive to create useful, intuitive and beautiful software, and we think this typeface will feel right at home.

Zoho Puvi

Puvi stands tall with an increased x-height for better legibility, a stylized angular cut, and a designed stress on high contrast for overall aesthetic appearance. We've designed the font to be transmutable across different formats and environments. You'll be seeing Puvi sitting comfortably within a pop-up box, inside our product, or maxed-out on a billboard that scales an entire building!

Wondering why we named it Puvi and call it "down-to-earth"? Read our story

Work re-imagined with all-new Zoho Workplace

Presenting the new Workplace: a suite of nine tightly integrated applications to unify office productivity, team communication, and collaboration.

Zoho Workplace

With one dashboard to tie all the apps together (including integrations across third-party apps and other Zoho apps), Workplace will improve your productivity and cut down on the clutter in your life.

With the Workplace suite, our focus is on ensuring continuity across devices, enabling convenience, and fostering collaboration. This release also adds a lot of important updates to each of the individual apps. Get collaborating

Getting transactional

Announcing TransMail—a transactional email service from Zoho Mail! With explicit focus on transactional email sending, TransMail ensures reliable and fast delivery of your OTP emails, password resets, invoices, and other transactional emails. Get started with a simple SMTP setup or deeper API integration to send emails from your website or application. Read the announcement

Zoho TransMail

CEO'S Corner

Featured article by Sridhar Vembu, CEO

Sridhar recently wrote about grassroots capitalism and "the pleasure of pursuit" for Open magazine's Wealth Issue 2020 cover story. Here's a teaser: "We need to create the skills and capabilities in our people to be able to lift themselves up from poverty into wealth."

Press & Media


Shiny new software, No Adoption, you are not alone, listen to Shiraz Siddiuqe and Chandrashekar LSP discuss driving digital adoption in your business and turn all that glitters into gold. Watch Now


Customer Case Studios & Testimonials

Zoho Analytics Customer Testimonial

"Zoho Analytics has reduced the time it takes to do analysis by 90%. Earlier we have to download the whole data, cleanse it row by row and do analysis. Now we just import, and then drag and drop as required. It now takes just 10% of time than what we spent earlier, improving our team's productivity."

Simone Drera,

VP, Business Development Flexxaire Inc.

CRM Plus Customer Case Study

Zoho CRM Plus helps Agoda’s Strategic Partnerships team manage workflows and communicate with partners. Read More

Pierre Honne,

Director - Partnerships Innovation, Strategic Partnerships of Agoda


Partnerships and acknowledgements

Zoho Recruit and HackerEarth join hands.

We've partnered with Google for the #MakeSmallStrong initiative. YourStory featured Zoho Doc Scanner. The partnership between Zoho Recruit and HackerEarth's suite of preemployment assessment products helps recruiters reduce time and effort in recruitment. This integration also ensures that recruiters hire only the best developers for their organization.

Zoho Recruit and HackerEarth

We've partnered with Google for the #MakeSmallStrong initiative

As part of our commitment to help small businesses dream big, we're offering 3 months of free access to Zoho Sites, Zoho Commerce, and Zoho Inventory. With these tools, you can easily set up a digital store and manage inventory and shipments—all from a single platform.

Partnered with Google

Gartner's Magic Quadrant recognizes Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator was named a Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-code Application Platforms report.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant

Nucleus Research places Zoho Recruit & Zoho Creator in top-right quadrant

Zoho Recruit named a Leader in Nucleus Research's Talent Acquisition Technology Value Matrix, 2020 and Zoho Creator has been named a Leader in Nucleus Research's LCAP Technology Value Matrix 2020 report.

Zoho forms a partnership with Tata Consultancy Services

We've announced a strategic alliance with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a trusted consultant and integrator for enterprise businesses. This partnership will drive growth for global organizations through stronger technology alignment with business goals, more transparency across solutions, and greater operational efficiency.

Zoho forms a partnership with Tata Consultancy Services

Zoho recognized in the 2020 K2 Quality Awards

K2 awarded Zoho with the "Best Overall Mobile Strategy" in its 2020 Quality Awards. Additionally, despite our offering being relatively new, we won K2's award for "CPA Program," as well.

Zoho recognized in the 2020 K2 Quality Awards

Over to you...

We've released many integrations in the last few weeks. Do you think we're missing any that would make your work more productive? Write to us and let us know which tools you use that you want to connect to the Zoho ecosystem or any Zoho apps that should be interconnected. Anything else you need to let us know, just reply to this email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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