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Content ideas for newsletters


A newsletter is an email sent at regular intervals to build brand awareness and help you develop a strong relationship with the audience. You probably already know this because you're currently reading one! 

They're primarily used to improve traffic to your website and often feature regular updates, announcements, and industry-related content. 

The trick is to consistently send content without annoying your audience. Here are six types of compelling content you can include in your newsletter to improve brand awareness


How to master newsletter design


Without a good design, a newsletter will lose its impact. Crystal Ledesma, Zillow Group's Senior Visual Designer and Email Developer, recently spoke with us about about designing impeccable newsletters for your brand that will help you keep up with current email marketing trends.


The best kind of sign-up forms


Signup forms are important for building your mailing list and thus improving your website traffic. These forms can be embedded on your web pages and social media channels to collect details (name, email address, and more) of your visitors/followers in order to add them to your newsletter mailing list. As you prepare a signup form for your brand, there are five steps you can follow to gain your audience's attention and boost conversions. 


Understanding inbox placement

In our recent webinar, we talked about email deliverability and inbox placement, which are the result of many factors within the email marketing process. How does it affect your newsletters? Well, email deliverability plays a major role in list building, campaign planning, content creation, frequency, and timing, all steps that can drastically impact how effective your newsletter is. 

Below you can watch a recording of the webinar video and go through some of the questions addressed during this recent session.