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How intelligent are your emails?

Email Marketing done right 2019

What if your emails were smart enough to know whom to target as well as the right time to reach a recipient's inbox? Imagine the time you'd save and how you could spend it focusing on the real work, like writing amazing copies or planning engaging campaigns.

You no longer have to simply imagine this scenario. Zoho Campaigns is exactly what you need to start sending more intelligent emails.

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A/B testing is another feature that can help you deliver successful email campaigns by sending different versions of the same campaign to different segments of your audience, and find out which message works best. 

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Email Marketing for small businesses 


Zoho Campaigns' dynamic content and A/B testing can come in handy if you run a small business and if your resources are limited. You already have a lot on your plate, and how well you manage your time will go a long way in determining your business' success. With all the work to do, there is a simple way to be on top of your marketing game.


Tips to maintain your email list

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Another important aspect of sending successful campaigns is to keep a clean and healthy email list. The key to this is tracking bounces and invalid email IDs. 

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If you have any questions regarding Zoho Campaigns, come see us at the next round of Meetups. Check out this link for more information, and if we are in your city, please drop by.


Vipasha Sinha, 

Product Marketer - Zoho