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Improve engagement and generate more revenue this holiday season

Email marketing experts will tell you that it’s never too early or too late to prepare for your holiday marketing campaigns. They'd also insist there is no "perfect" strategy for capturing the interest of your customers, because trends change every year. However, there are holiday content strategies that can help you achieve your business goals. This month, we put together tips, tricks, and ideas to boost engagement and generate revenue during this holiday season.


Expert Diaries feat. Jeanne Jennings


Jeanne Jennings is the founder and chief strategist of the Washington-based Email Optimization Shop, a boutique consultancy focused on optimizing bottom line marketing performance with strategic testing. In our recent podcast, she explains in detail what email marketers should focus on during this holiday season’s uncertainty.


Tips for ecommerce email marketers


Through Tip of the Week, we share information designed to help you achieve your email marketing goals effectively. Our new four-tip series is dedicated to ecommerce holiday email marketing. In the second installment, we discuss two types of email content for this holiday season to help you improve your online sales.


Analyze and learn from your email marketing reports


The job doesn't end after you send the holiday email campaigns. We suggest taking a step back to reflect, analyze, and learn from your email marketing reports to optimize your holiday email lists and also to warm up for your 2021 email marketing strategy. In our recent webinar, we talked about building email lists, holiday email list segmentation, email list reports to get ready for the new year, and more.


Colors to deliver the right message

A marketing email is a combination of carefully crafted parts aimed at garnering maximum engagement. Of these, color plays a vital role, adding subtlety or exuberance to the email. With the right combination of colors, you can effectively ensure you convey the appropriate message to your subscribers by choosing colors that support your message, resonate with subscribers’ interests, and encourage subscribers to engage.