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Automate your marketing with our new email workflows

Zoho Campaigns turned seven this month. Happy Birthday to us! It's been an incredible journey. But how could we celebrate without you, our customers? We want to ensure your marketing process is more efficient, so we've rolled out a new feature that will help you reach out to your customers better. 


New drag-and-drop workflows


Zoho Campaigns' new workflow automation is a visual representation of your customers' journey. Using the drag-and-drop feature, you can build sophisticated email workflows for contacts, automate repetitive tasks, and engage based on contact's behavior. 

Also, Zoho Campaigns has now integrated with Zapier to help you customize and automate various email marketing processes.


Specialists at your service

Experts Speak


We recently organized the sixth edition of our Ask the Experts session. The theme was  "Smart Email Marketing with Zoho Campaigns" and the response was amazing. The topics we discussed were contact management, email deliverability, reports and analytics, email templates, the Zoho CRM-Campaigns integration, and more. 


Twitter Chat


We also chatted with a few email geeks and industry experts on Twitter about smart approaches to email marketing. They spoke about the importance of A/B testing, ideal email sending patterns, deliverability troubles, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), performance metrics, and so on. 


Industry Insights

By now you would have noticed we have been pooling-in industry experts who can provide us with different perspectives on email marketing. Our Expert Diaries series on the Zoho Campaigns blog can be your go-to destination for industry insights in the form of blogs, interviews, podcasts, webinars, and interviews. Keep looking out for this space. 



Vipasha Sinha,

Product Marketer