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Holiday email marketing in 2020

The holiday season has always been action-packed for email marketers. However, the tectonic shift in 2020 has left us confused in terms of planning our marketing strategies. 

When do we start? Should we invest in email marketing? If so, how? 

Those unsure can refer the recent study done by Coresight Research, a consulting firm, that predicted that 23 percent of U.S. consumers plan to start 2020 holiday shopping earlier than in prior years. 

This means we continue to have a lot to work with this year— probably even more than previous ones. 

It also means we need to understand how 2020 is different and plan a new course. This month, we dish out content that will help you map out an impactful holiday email marketing plan.

Expert email marketing tips and tricks


We recently conducted a Twitter chat and webinar with email marketing experts on holiday email marketing. They discussed tips and tricks to consider as we learn, unlearn, and relearn new strategies for holiday email marketing during this uncertain time.


How Gmail's inbox placement works


A question that lingers in most email marketers' minds during the holiday season is, "What decides the placement of my email in Gmail's promotions and spam folder?" To find the answers, we sat down with Sridhar Chandran, a seasoned anti-spam and email deliverability expert who works as a Solution Architect at Validity. The freewheeling chat with Sridhar covered how Gmail has evolved over the years and how email marketers can ensure better inbox placement with Gmail recipients.


Understand the inbox better


Though extensive, understanding inbox placement is important for any marketer. Also known as email deliverability, it is arguably the most-discussed topic in email marketing. This is because the process equally involves the email marketer, email marketing platform, and the Inbox Service Providers. It's important to understand what affects email deliverability, as well as the intersection of the aforementioned factors that decides the performance of a campaign.