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Knowledge series to understand email marketing better


We hope you are doing well. 

While our current circumstances can be challenging, one good way to make the best of them is to use this time to learn something new. 

While we at Zoho Campaigns recognize that everyone has different responsibilities and time constraints that might interfere with this, we decided to weave together several series in the form of blogs, webinars, and videos to help those with some extra time master the email marketing game.


Learn in a minute


Learn from Home series from Zoho Campaigns is a project with over 30 one-minute video lessons to get you started with the basics of email marketing. These bite-sized lessons are delivered by renowned email leaders from around the world. Master email marketing best practices while you stay in and relax.


Subject lines that work


Well-known digital marketing professional Parry Malm, the CEO of Phrasee, talks about best practices for writing, optimizing, and delivering email subject lines and pre-header texts. Parry has worked with countless brands and media outlets to help them optimize their online results and is one of the world’s leading experts for email marketing.


Everything to know about 'graymail'


Has it ever happened that despite you following a legitimate method of sending emails, they sometimes don’t make it to the desired location in the recipient’s inbox? And even when they do, they are often kept aside and not opened? This is because they are considered “graymail.” What is graymail?


Webinar for ecommerce business owners

We recently organised a webinar on Engaging your ecommerce audience during and beyond COVID-19. In this webinar, our experts answer the much-discussed question 'How do I stay on top of my customers' minds while still being considerate of the global situation?"