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March was a busy month for us at Zoho Campaigns. We conducted a series of webinars (five, to be precise) for our users across the globe, and the response was encouraging.

Webinars are a great way to engage and nurture leads. So, it only makes sense to integrate an email marketing tool with a platform like Zoho Meeting. It not only helps you organize webinars, but also allows you to conducts polls, Q&A sessions and get detailed analytics reports.

Zoho Campaigns - Zoho Meeting integration

Holiday email marketing tips

How do webinar emails help? Most of your contacts are likely to be interested in your products or services. Webinars help in educating them about how your business can cater to their needs. Now, people have to be made aware of this online event. Manually importing the webinar attendees’ data to your email lists can be tedious. This integration makes it easy, and allows you to drive more engagement. 

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Anatomy of the perfect webinar email

Holiday email marketing quiz

Let's say that you have your content ready—but how will you promote it? Here are some tips to ensure the registrants attend your webinar.

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Contacts, not subscribers

Tip of the week

Another significant change we have brought to our product is that we will now be referring to "subscribers" as "contacts". This change reflects the variety of people you can add to your mailing lists.

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Before you leave, we'd like to tell you that we have a new product set to make its debut. MarketingHub, our new all-in-one marketing automation platform. If you want an early access of Zoho MarketingHub, please write to


Vipasha Sinha

Product Marketer - Zoho