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Welcome to 2021! Despite the calendar year changing, we're sure some things won't change with Zoho: we'll continue to adapt and iterate on our vision over the long term. While we have some fun things planned this year, right now we're more excited about everything we accomplished in 2020. Get that story, plus other newsworthy developments from the past month, in our latest edition of Zoho Buzz!

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Zoho's 2020 in review

Sridhar Vembu awarded "Best CEO"

Zoho Workplace mobile app, 3 Zoho-to-Zoho integrations, and more

Industry highlights and awards

Reflecting back on the year

Before we fully embrace 2021, we wanted to highlight some of the key milestones we passed last year. Thanks for showing us so much trust and support along the way—we hope you enjoy the recap!

2020 in review

Zoho 2020

Over the years, we've grown our portfolio in both breadth and depth, and all the while developed and maintained an innovative culture. In 2020 it felt like many long-term efforts finally came to fruition. A poetic example is Zoho Remotely: a synthesis of existing Zoho technologies brought together in a unified suite, all while our employees transitioned into working exclusively from home.

And that's just one of the many things we're proud of from this past year!

In addition to our company-wide year in review above, some of our product teams put out their own 2020 wrap-ups: Zoho One, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Bigin, Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, Zoho Meeting, Zoho People, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Workerly.

Constellation Research recognizes our CEO

Sridhar Vembu, Zoho's CEO and cofounder, was recognized by research firm Constellation Research as "Best CEO" in their 2020 Enterprise Awards. Constellation Research attributes his win to his steadfast commitment to people over profit, his belief that excellence lives everywhere, and his emphasis on the importance of privacy. Here's an excerpt:

Best CEO

Although Sridhar won the award, he views it as a win for Zoho. He's also denounced the notion that he got here alone: it's taken the effort of many people over many years to get to this point. With more than 500 employees who have been with the company for over a decade, his commitment to culture is evident in the way he leads.


What's new

Zoho Workplace

We've launched an integrated Workplace mobile app for both Android and iOS, with a convenient launcher to open and work on any of the products in the bundle. Advanced search capabilities—with multi-level filters—makes searching across the Workplace suite easy, quick, and precise. Download on Android or iOS now.

Zoho Expense

Keep employees updated on their expense approvals by integrating Zoho Expense with Zoho Cliq. The Zoho Expense Bot sends automatic approval notifications and also lets employees perform expense reporting tasks right from their Zoho Cliq window.

Zoho Sprints

Zoho Sprints can now be integrated with Zoho Meeting! Organize and conduct live meetings from anywhere, record them for future reference, and get a copy of the chat transcript at the end of every session.

Zoho Bookings

Integrate Zoho Bookings with Zoho Assist to help your customers schedule remote support and screen sharing sessions.

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign has received a host of updates recently, including an integration with Microsoft Outlook, the addition of text field input validation, and the much-awaited stamp field for signers.

Zoho Inventory

Automate Zoho Inventory tasks using the new Zapier integration. Now you can connect your favorite apps with Zoho Inventory, even if you don't know how to code. Automate workflows, keep growing, and stay productive with this new integration!


Industry highlights

Thought leadership from Vijay

Vijay Sundaram, Zoho CSO, wrote a featured article for TechCrunch: "We must end the era of adjunct surveillance," a piece about companies collecting and sharing user data with impunity. Vijay also wrote "Remote work and hiring: 5 trends to watch in 2021" for The Enterprisers Project.

Zoho Privacy study by CRM Essentials

We commissioned a privacy study last year, which revealed that 62% of 1,400 surveyed businesses aren’t telling customers about third-party ad trackers. And only 55% of 1,220 business leaders polled believe their company has a well-defined, documented policy on customer data privacy that is strictly applied.

An opportunity to democratize the DevOps tools market

Recently, we collaborated with Amalgam Insights, a leading analyst firm, to publish an ebook on how Zoho democratizes the DevOps tools market.

The Simulation Lab R&D team stays connected with Zoho Workplace

For the research team at Simulation Lab—Indian's first independent and open scientific research and development center—communication and information sharing is key. In their search to find a collaboration platform they could rely on, they landed on Zoho Workplace. Read how the team stays connected on their research journey thanks to Workplace.

Zoho Vault

With cyber threats on the rise, it's a good time to focus on your organization's security policies. Over 80% of breaches happen because of stolen or brute-forced credentials—and a password manager like Zoho Vault helps eliminate these threats by improving password hygiene across your organization. Watch an overview of Zoho Vault.


Partnerships and acknowledgments

Over to you...

We have big plans this year to make our vision of running an entire business with Zoho One even more self-evident, and we can't wait to share everything we've been working on! When we first released Zoho One in 2017, we coined the phrase "the operating system for business." We believe that no one else has matched our commitment—or our portfolio.

Is there anything in the Zoho ecosystem that you think needs to happen this year? Shoot us a reply and let us know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful 2021 everyone, and thanks for being with us!



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