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Connecting marketing operations for brand success

With the digital marketing landscape evolving quickly, brands find themselves using myriad tools from different vendors to conduct daily tasks. These solutions are usually not integrated, and teams managing multiple channels struggle to have a comprehensive view of overall marketing operations and campaign results.

With a unified marketing platform like Zoho Marketing Plus, modern marketing teams experience better end-to-end visibility when planning and creating brand assets, executing campaigns, and reporting work. Besides providing teams with a unified experience, Zoho helps you back work obligations and execution with signed contracts. Zoho Contracts' API enables integrations with other Zoho and non-Zoho services for a more seamless contract experience.

As competition increases for marketing agencies, it remains crucial to deliver clients' projects on time, and identify ideal opportunities for one-on-one customer engagement. These processes are simplified with Zoho Bookings' new service-based availability feature. Meanwhile, Zoho Writer's new content publishing extension helps you publish collaborative content directly to your sites without needing to re-format. And with Zoho Campaigns' new agency edition, you can improve client management, and analyse campaigns on clients' behalves.

In this issue, we talk about:

Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus

Product updates

Industry recognition

Research and webinars


Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus

We're thrilled to announce Zoho Marketing Plus, a unified marketing platform for teams that combines all the tools needed for the successful planning, collaboration, and execution of marketing campaigns.

With the Marketing Plus Brand Studio, marketers now have a unified workspace where they can connect all the dots of a marketing campaign—activities, discussions, channels, brand assets, and stakeholders—for seamless collaboration and a better overall view of the marketing process. Read our release blog to learn more.

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Zoho Bookings: Communicate your service hours

Zoho Bookings' new service-based availability feature helps you set different start and end times for your services. If needed, you can schedule breaks, too! Here are a few ways you can put this new feature to use:

  • Run seasonal services
  • Assign different time periods for different tasks (For example, mornings for discovery calls, afternoons for negotiations, and evenings for demos).
  • Pause services during lean months

Add more flexibility and gain control over your schedule with Zoho Bookings' service-based availability.


What's new


Zoho Sign now offers qualified electronic signatures (QES) via Electronic Identity (eID) self-authentication for improved eIDAS compliance across the European Union. Businesses and individuals operating in Europe can use this feature to digitally sign documents with confidence and produce paperwork that is legally binding.


We're delighted to introduce the Zoho Contracts application programming interface (API). Data can now be pulled from and pushed into Zoho Contracts modules, and users can integrate Zoho Contracts with other Zoho services, third-party portals, and more. Check out this post for other feature enhancements.


With Writer's new content publishing extensions, you can create articles in Writer and post them to Medium, Zoho Connect, Sites, and Desk directly from Writer, without having to copy-paste or reformat them.


Zoho Campaigns recently launched an exclusive edition for digital marketers, to help manage email marketing activities for all clients with a single credential. Learn more


Zoho Voice unveiled five new features to optimize your customer interactions: voicemail transcriptions, voicemail drop, direct extension dialling, direct call forwarding, and call wrap-up time. Learn more


With the addition of Instagram to our growing list of instant messaging channels, businesses can capture customer data and avoid spam using pre-chat forms, answer customers in real time, and access inventory data, CRM data, previous chats, and more. Check it out!


Customer Story


Clozette Group executes digital marketing strategies on behalf of brands to connect fashion, travel, and lifestyle products to various targeted communities in Southeast Asia. Since they work with a vast community with diverse interests, the team uses CRM to segment client profiles into areas of business interest for better personalisation of services.

Today, Clozette Group teams closely monitor all sales processes and leads, and manage their records with rich context. Customising their pipeline further has allowed teams to anticipate the likelihood of winning a deal. With workflow automation and customised dashboards, regional teams have saved almost 300 hours of meeting time per year when reporting country-specific sales performances. Read the full story here.

Industry Recognition


  • Zoho Marketing Plus: Register for the Zoho Marketing Plus Overview webinar. Each Wednesday, we'll walk you through the product's features, and show you how it can help you manage your marketing efforts more effectively. Also, read what industry experts have to say about Zoho Marketing Plus and how it's making the MarTech landscape more collaborative and unified.
  • Zoho Directory: As part of Identity Management Day 2022, we've drafted the Workforce Identity Audit, a survey to help organizations assess the strength of their workforce identity protection protocols. This is relevant for businesses of all sizes, and gives them steps to address security issues within their organization.

Thought leadership with Zoho

Digital consumer numbers are on the rise in the Philippines, showing promising growth in the country's eCommerce landscape. Take a look

at how Filipino businesses can leverage marketing technology for better business outcomes. Keep in mind, there will likely be a need to reskill and upskill employees with the knowledge and experience to best utilise digital marketing tools.

With the automation of marketing efforts, brands can go the distance to anticipate customer behaviour and provide experiences that surprise, convert, and satisfy the customer in a way ordinary digitisation cannot.


Resources to help you


Zoho Catalyst can now create and manage serverless integrations for Cliq, along with webhook-based extensions. Learn how


Lubrication Engineers, a manufacturing company, implemented an all-encompassing solution and witnessed faster time-to-value with Zoho One. Read more to learn how they did it.

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