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Starting the summer off right

As we head into the summer, the team at Zoho is hard at work, bringing you the latest product updates and brand new features for our extensive software suite. We've even got a huge new release for you this month! Eager to know what it is? Jump in!

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Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus

Product updates

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Introducing Zoho Marketing Plus

We're thrilled to announce Zoho Marketing Plus, a unified marketing platform for marketing teams, that combines all the tools needed for the successful planning, collaboration, and execution of marketing campaigns.

With the Marketing Plus Brand Studio, marketers now get a unified workspace that connects all the dots of a marketing campaign: activities, discussions, channels, brand assets, and stakeholders, offering a better view of the marketing process and seamless collaboration. Read our release blog here!

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Zoho Bookings—making life easier

Service-based availability is the newest feature in Zoho Bookings. You can now set different start and end times for your services and, if needed, breaks, too! Here are a few ways you can put it to use:

  • Offer services at multiple locations
  • Set mornings for meetings and afternoon for focused work
  • Run services that are seasonal
  • Split your meetings for a day—mornings for discovery calls, afternoons for negotiations, and evenings for demos
  • Pause services during lean months

With all of these possibilities, you can add more flexibility and gain control over your schedule with Zoho Bookings' service-based availability.

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An R&D effort that we undertook

Keeping with our vision toward strong domestic R&D, we're happy to announce our investment in Genrobotics. It's a home-grown startup that aims to eradicate manual scavenging in India through the world's first robotic scavenger—Bandicoot. More here

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What's new


Zoho Sign now offers qualified electronic signatures (QES) via eID self-authentication for improved eIDAS compliance across the European Union. Businesses and individuals operating in Europe can use this to digitally sign documents with confidence and produce paperwork that is legally binding.


Zoho Campaigns recently launched an exclusive edition for digital marketers, allowing them to handle email marketing activities for all their clients with a single credential. Learn more


With Writer's new content publishing extensions, you can now create articles in Writer and post them to Medium, Zoho Connect, Sites, and Desk directly from Writer, without having to copy-paste or reformat them.


We're delighted to introduce the Zoho Contracts application programming interface (API). Data can now be pulled from and pushed into Zoho Contracts modules, and users can integrate Zoho Contracts with other Zoho services, third-party portals, and more. Check this post out for other feature enhancements.


With the addition of Instagram to our growing list of instant messaging channels, SMBs can capture customer data and avoid spam with a prechat form, answer customers in real time, and access inventory data, CRM data, previous chats, and more, listed right next to the chat screen. Check it out!


Zoho Voice unveiled five new features that can optimize your customer interactions: voicemail transcriptions, voicemail drop, direct extension dialing, direct call forwarding, and call wrap-up time. Know more

Industry recognition

Research & Webinars

  • Zoho Marketing Plus - Register for the overview webinar for Zoho Marketing Plus, where we'll walk you through the product's features every Wednesday and show you how to use it to manage your marketing efforts more effectively. Also, read what industry experts have to say about Zoho Marketing Plus and how it's transforming the MarTech landscape to become more collaborative and unified.

  • Zoho Directory - As part of Identity Management Day 2022, we've drafted the Workforce Identity Audit, a survey that will help organizations know how strong and updated their Workforce Identity is. This is relevant for businesses of all sizes and gives them steps to address security issues in their organization.


Resources to help you

Create and manage serverless integrations for Zoho Cliq using Zoho Catalyst and also explore webhook-based extensions in Cliq. Learn how

Check out some of the most important trends impacting the marketing automation industry.

Lubrication Engineers, a manufacturing company, implemented an all-encompassing solution and witnessed a faster time-to-value with Zoho One. Read here to learn how they did it.

Over to you...

Any suggestions or feedback for us? We'd love to help improve the efficiency of your business even further with our products. Hit Reply and let us know—we're all ears!

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