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Updates for building a scalable and analytics-driven operation

Scaling a business is an intricate and expensive process. IT teams have to deploy thorough and scalable solutions while ensuring a dynamic user experience. Thankfully, this process no longer requires rewriting reams of code, as there's now a quicker and more sustainable way to build end-to-end solutions. The all-in-one Zoho Creator 6 platform helps build apps; manage, integrate, and analyze data; and even allow IT teams to manage security, compliance, and governance challenges.

Creator users can now derive insights from data residing in their applications, like predictive analytics, data alerts, what-if analysis, data blending, and conversational analytics. Meanwhile, Zoho Analytics has been recognized as a Niche Player in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™. The app also has new additions for advanced analytics connectors, Google Search Console and Semrush for analysing key metrics to stay on top of SEO efforts, and other competitor analysis.

Read how Zoho Analytics' customer, Renu Energy Solutions empowers its business with AI-driven analytics and real-time insights.

Launching Creator 6.0

To help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and modernisation efforts, we're here with the latest version of Zoho Creator—6.0! The all-in-one Creator 6 will deliver an integrated developer experience with drag-and-drop simplicity for:

  • App development

  • Smart integration

  • Business data analytics

  • Business process automation

  • Building AI solutions

  • Creating multi-user experiences

Zoho Creator 6.0

Creator For A Cause

Meet FoodCycle—a Creator-powered nonprofit—based out of Indonesia with a noble mission of eliminating food waste and

feeding the underprivileged.

Low-code didn't just help FoodCycle engage with donors and track campaigns. It made their organization more efficient by streamlining processes, increasing communication between involved stakeholders, and allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.

Watch to learn how they digitized their operations using low-code.


What's New


Create your own stickers and emoji in Cliq, and start using them in your chats and online meetings right away. When a user sends you a custom emoji or sticker, you can add it to your collection and use it later!


We've added two new advanced analytics connectors—Google Search Console and Semrush—and enhanced existing business app connectors for Zoho CRM, Zoho Finance Suite, and QuickBooks. There's also now support for 11 new cloud and local databases, like Greenplum, Vertica, Apache Derby, and more. Read about our other notable updates here.


Customer Story


Midas Concept vouches that Zoho Workplace has allowed their team to continue working together, and has ensured that there were no disruptions to the quality of service provided to their fast-growing clientele during the pandemic. Read more

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